Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Update to Real Time Asset Allocation Experiment, November 25, 2015

November 25th update:

As November draws to a close, I likely won't be adding any units of the various equity index funds I hold at TD.  Thus far, the monthly close on SPY will not be meaningfully lower than the previous month's close.  The month is flat vs. October 31.

The updated table below encompasses initiation date through current holdings of the index fund portion of my retirement accounts.  I may end up adding to the bond index holdings as the monthly price change in the Canadian long bond index through current vs. previous month has been around -3/4 of 1%.  If I do $100 across all of the accounts, I will end up with an $800 allocation on November 30.

DatePrice SPY (input)PX SPYPrice Bonds TD E-series (input)PX BondsCumulative unitsM2MP/L Per unitCumulative costValue Index (input)Value Bonds (input)P/L unitsCpd. annualized return

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