Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Two Recent Buys, Straight Off of the 52 Week Low List

This will be a very quick post on two recent buys.  I will post a more detailed analysis on these two companies over the next couple of days.

My 52 week low list has been chock full of bricks & mortar retail companies in recent weeks. Perhaps this is symptomatic of "Amazon chase" into year end? Anyone who gets a bonus based on outperforming their benchmark and who has underperformed going into the final quarter simply piles into Amazon at lifetime highs because they have been underweight Amazon, and, well, Amazon just doesn't go down, and it sure beats the snot out of traditional bricks and mortar retail.

Well, a funny thing seems to have happened along the way, while Amazon screams higher: bricks and mortar retail gets sold.

Two interesting companies cropped up amongst the daily 52 week low debris:

  1. Hibbett Sports
  2. The Children's Place Inc

I bought 35 shares of Hibbett Sports yesterday at $33.50, and 25 shares of The Children's Place Inc. today at $51.94.

Will expand on this post in the next couple of days...


  1. Thanks for sharing your recent buys. Never heard of Hibbett Sports before. I guess the 52 week low list can be a good source of finding some oversold and potentially undervalued dividend growth stocks.

  2. Thanks for commenting Keith, recently, it's been all REIT's, utilities, and retail stocks (I ignore biotech new lows for obvious reasons). I have to do a second part to this post, haven't had a chance yet as have just got back from an overseas trip. Hibbett sports is interesting, but in the doghouse along with all other sports retailers. But I think it's cheap. Children's place, similar argument. Both have less than $1b mkt caps and the possibility of a buyout is there in my humble opinion in either case.

  3. Interesting picks SDP. Can't say they either one was on my radar but the $1B market cap certainly provides a nice ring! We'll have to keep an eye on these. Thanks for sharing your recent purchases.

    BTW, hope you don't mind, we maintain a collection of Recent Buys and have added these buys to our collection.

    Best wishes and continued success on your personal journey! AFFJ

  4. Thanks for commenting AFFJ! Sure, post away. Just posted the follow up on PLCE, and will do another one on HIBB shortly.