Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Ongoing work on 52 week lows

I've added a link to the blog which should take anyone interested to the googledocs spreadsheet in which I am currently tracking new 52 week lows on a daily basis.

I basically log new 52 week lows into a googledocs template as a starting point for additional research.

None of the stocks logged into this spreadsheet should be construed (or confused) as buy/sell recommendations.  These are preliminary observations only on candidates for further research.

What am I looking for?

  • High pre-tax cap rate (in excess of 15%).  I measure pre-tax cap rate as EBIT / EV
  • Preferably, excess cash.  I measure excess cash by taking the difference between mkt cap and EV.  
  • Very preferably, micro-caps (i.e., caps < $200M).

I don't automatically add anything making a new 52 week low to the spreadsheet.  I do a quick analysis of free cash flow, margins, leverage, and valuation.

Happy huntimg.  Hope the list helps anyone interested in their search for ideas.

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